Friday, June 1, 2012

100 Days of Doilies Day 1

Welcome to my new endeavor! I am going to (try) to post 100 of my doilies in 100 days. Most I have made , some I didn't. Some are stained, some need starched, all are beautiful in their own way.

Doily #1 is near and dear to my heart and lives on the back of my computer chair. I made it when I was but a wee lassie living south of Naples FL on the edge of the Everglades in about 1983-1984. I used tatting cotton and a size 14 steel hook which is about the smallest one they make. I won Best Of Show with it in the Collier Co Fair the year my youngest son was born. Excuse the stains, it's had a long hard life.

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