Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Etch a Sketch Becky 150/365

You know I kinda sorta though maybe I'd do a giveaway for post # 150 but alas it didn't happen. So what's 1/2 of 365 (gets calculator)....OK 182.5...so let's make a date...Post # 182 will be the giveaway post and maybe # 183 will add to it somehow. Deal.

I had to get a new camera. I finally wore my Polaroid point and shoot out. It served me well. I saw that Kohl's was having a super sale for their grand opening so I took the sales flier to Walmart and guess what...They honored the price! Wooooot! Now I have to learn the camera, a Vivitar Vivicam X327. Oh what a burden...NOT!

Since I was basically camera-less today here is my self portrait done in Paint ala Etch-a-Sketch style.

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