Monday, March 1, 2010

School of Mines, Golden CO 149/365

So over the weekend I was in Golden CO. I stayed the night at the Marriott and spent my days at the Green Center at the School of Mines listening to Bible talks and having a grand time knitting in public and drawing all sorts of attention. I made a BUNCH of new friends who want to learn to knit socks.Unfortunately, I didn't get any of their pictures. DUH! I did get some emails and gave out my phone number. We'll see what happens.
Check out the cool tapestry that hangs over the stairway to the dining area. They tied rocks on the bottom of the fringes. This thing is MASSIVE!!!
Of course I was drawn to the quilt

I thought this pic was a hoot coz  Vickie's hair is wilder than any wildlife we saw all weekend LOL!

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Leslie said...

Isn't the School of Mines the kewlest. You should see their marching band in the St. Pat's Parade...