Monday, July 26, 2010

Well that was Fun (NOT!) 266/365

*sigh* Finally back online thanks to my most excellent little brother, Shane, who sent me a computer he bought from his friend Cory in Illinois. No thanks to MrTechead here in Colorado Springs, That guy made me so mad I could spit nails. After the run around followed by a lecture like I was Granny-never-been-online-in-my-life I made Jack go with me to retrieve my old computer. It is safely in my  bedroom now awaiting the money to have old hard drive put in this computer (as a slave drive...yeah I know what that is Mr Techead DUH!)

So what did I do in my one month and two day downtime? I read, gardened, knit, and cut a TON of crazy quilt fabric (while listening to Outlander and havin my blood boil ya ken)

I am glad to be back. Now if I can somehow persuade unemployment to actually pay Mr. Jack maybe I can keep the internet turned on.

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Leslie said...

So are you ready for Dragonfly in Amber yet?