Thursday, July 29, 2010

YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!! 268/365

What a week, what a week! Remember way back on Monday I got my computer? Tuesday was spent downloading programs, helping Mr Jack at the Workforce place, shopping for groceries (ty Federal goverment for these food stamps!) Today came with no expectations except to follow the suggestions of the nice people at the Workforce.

Then the mail came.....

$1448 seized from Mommy Kim for back child support! Did I mention we were worried that the lights and phone were going to be shut off any day now? Score! Of course Unemployment needs to cough up their $4000+ for the past 11 weeks but I digress.

Off to the bank and then to the El Paso Co building to put in another job app. While Jack was filling that out I snuck off to the conference room to knit (OK I didn't knit I just took pictures of myself but anyways...) I heard his phone ring, figured it was Dakota, but by the tone of his voice and the yes no answers I realized it wasn't. He didn't say who it was but he wanted to get the hell out of Dodge after he turned the app in. So guess who it was? A JOB OFFER!!!! Wooooot!!!!!!!!! We ran home to take care of  some business then off to Tab Const for an interview that was actually a flat out job offer. Omg! He starts tomorrow!!!!

Since I have hope now I went ahead and booked a ticket to Pond/Frog fest.

*OK calm down...deep breathes*

I'm so happy


Leslie said...

OMG, when it rains it pours, but all to the good this time, whoo-hoo on all counts. How great that you get to leave on a jet plane. Wow, I need to catch my breath...

Bobbi Pohl said...

Woo! Your news makes me happy.