Tuesday, September 28, 2010

And the Doctor Said 329/365

Have you ever just had a feeling something might be horribly wrong with you? Not in a truly "Oh I feel bad something must be wrong" kind of way, but a "That's one too many coincidences" kind of way? I did, but luckily I was MISTAKEN!

I know a lot of women here in Colorado Springs who are breast cancer survivors. I see pink ribbons everywhere. I got talked in to my very first mammogram because I have a medical card for a hot minute and I decided "Eh, why not?"

Then I met Sabrina at the airport plane last week and she just found out she had breast cancer. It kind of shook me up and made me worry more than I would have because I felt like maybe I met and bonded with her for some reason other than happenstance.

Oh man...I do not wanna go have my mammys grammed now. But I told myself to GET OVER IT and GO!

The whole ordeal wasn't near as unpleasant as I feared. I got in fairly quick after a short wait ( during which TWO yes TWO women asked me about my knitting OMG I love that) and the actual squeeze box only hurt on the side shot and not my boob, my armpit. Wham Bam thank you maam!

I basically put it out of my mind until today when I went back to see my DR and get my blood work results. My blood pressure is still up, I need Vitamin D, my cholesterol sucks but by jiggy, my breasts are still dense and healthy...woooooooo!
Here I am in the latest get-your-boobies-smooshed atire.

So I can rest easy about one thing. The boobs are good.

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Carol said...

great post of encouragement!