Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Home to Colorado 323/365

I bet you thought I was never coming back, didn't ya? Well I did. I got home yesterday after a rousing time at Midway airport and a delayed plane. Deanna and I headed north about 8:00 AM. Did real good until we hit some traffic and construction on Cicero Ave. We over shot the airport by a block, got turned around and went straight to where we needed to be. I hugged her goodbye and went on in to do the check-in/security thing. All was well until I checked the departures board...DELAY UGH! I remained calm even after talking to the gate person about my flight to Colorado Springs waiting in Denver (We will put you on the next flight if you miss it).

At least I had only one seat mate, a nice young lady who offered her cheese thingies to me halfway through. I love those Frontier planes. They have TVs in the seats lol! I watched the free preview but didn't want to pay $6 for two hours worth of  TV I can see here at home. I busied myself listening to music and writing in my moleskine.

We were allowed off the plane first and ran like heck to try to catch our flight. Got stopped halfway there and were informed we missed it....go to Customer Service. OK...guess what? We got $100 flight vouchers and only had to wait a little while for the next plane south. I can live with that! I walked North in terminal A and got Quiznos, called Jack and told him to go ahead and go home until I called him back (he was at the COS airport waiting).

Down at Gate A62 I met a nice lady named Sabrina from Pueblo who had been on my Chicago flight. We bonded after I made her look at all my vacation pictures lol. She didn't have as good as vacation as me. Bummer. I got her phone number and we're gonna keep in touch.

The little prop plane was all that I remembered. It wasn't near as scary as the first time.

Me and Sabrina picking up our luggage

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