Saturday, June 18, 2011

Bo Bice (What Might Have Been) 159/365

Travel back with me to time not so long ago but very far away, 2005. A year of changes.In January I almost died. In April I took a trip that ultimately resulted in my moving to Colorado. The year of Hurricanes, most notably Katrina.

The first year I watched American Idol. I did not want Carrie Underwood to win. I wanted Bo Bice to win. He did not. She did.

Today by chance I heard the Bo Bice would be playing at Spring Spree at 3 PM. I begged Jack for a ride and got there in the nick of time. My old PTA president was there by herself too....perfect.

Bo Bice was good. Right up till the end when he said he was happy to have been in Denver LOL!

This is the equivalent of clapping in camfrog, a thumbs up.

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