Sunday, July 22, 2012

100 Days of Doilies Day 52

Unfinished Doily of unknown providence (ETA PROVENANCE ty Leslie). I know it's unfinished because the ending loop was loose and I almost unraveled it when I went to iron it a bit for its photo shoot. (See the thread sticking up on the top? Yeah that's the former loose loop) Yikes.


Leslie said...

Loving all these doilies. You've got some great ones. Makes me wanna get my huge stash out and catalog them like this.

And not trying to be a language nazi but it's provenance. I only know cause someone politely corrected me one time. :-) prov·e·nance - n. 1. Place of origin; derivation. 2. a. The history of the ownership of an object, especially when documented or authenticated.

Rebecca Halley said...

Good grief I misspelled so much in my answering comment I had to delete it lol. Ok I got it now Provenance not Providence like in the capital of Rhode Island. Bear with me I'm a slowwwwwww learner