Monday, April 6, 2009

I am NOT a slacker (I just play one on the Internet)

Yo people! Lest you think I have been slacking off in my absence from posting and other online activities THINK AGAIN!

Here's a short list of what I have been doing...I will try to name the pictures in order.

#1) Working on Leslie's Ravens and Roses Moley for the IME. Not working on the hat as I don't "knit hats for sailors for Lent":P

#2) I cut purple and yellow for art quilts

#3) I cut purple and silver/gray after an extensive search told me these will be hot colors for 2009

#4) Sewed blocks inspired by a friend's outfit. She better not sit in front of me again wearing it. I might cut it right off her back >:)

#5) Gathering all extra blocks sewn from remainders of my kit samples for possible sale at quilt guild or on

#6) Working on the Celtic Autumn kit sample inspired by the trims and fabrics from Leslie

#7) Knitting on my Cable Luxe Tunic

#8) Working on a doofy hat in the darkest blue for my dancing buddy, Babs (I love you smookums xoxoxoxoxxo no it's not for Warrin... it never was... it was always for you you you)

Well I tried this twice. I have no clue where the last 6 pictures went. I guess blogger ate them. Maybe another time or maybe I'll follow Christina's lead and find somewhere else to blog


Leslie said...

Yeah, but to get a prize in my contest you have to have a contest...

Mad (1): I can't see my Moley's guts, yet...

Give me the hat back, I have till Sunday to get it finished within Lent.

Loved the colours of the fabric rolls and I have also been tempted to take a snip from someone's outfit as the fabric was really kewl. Ta for now.

Anonymous said...

Bahahaa -- Time for some wordpress. LOL

You've been SUPER busy, as usual. I don't know how you ever have time to sleep.

Anonymous said...

Oh! And I asked my brother about birthdays. The months I gave you were right. LOL