Wednesday, April 8, 2009

More than One way to Skin a Cat

I decided the Eating-of-pictures that occurred Monday might actually be a blessing in that I now have several days worth of posts I can do by re-posting two pics at a time. (Of course I am assuming the pictures will actually show this time, which I won't know until I click the publish button)

So anyways..........the fabric bundles are the purple/silver I cut for my 2009 color forcast line and the blocks are the ones inspired by my friend Pat Enos.

I went hiking in Palmer Park with Vickie Coletta yesterday. I left the camera sitting on my cutting table after showing her my work. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!! We are planning on hiking quite a bit this spring/summer so I hope I'll have pics next time.


Leslie said...

Well, they are beauteous as always. Doncha just hate leaving your camera behind. Pah!

Anonymous said...

Love the title. LOL

Yay for pictures. =D