Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Attack of the Plants

It's Springtime and an old woman's heart turns to thoughts of gardening. Only here in Colorado I have no real place to garden. Hmmmmmmmm. Guess I'll have to improvise!

I bought a bunch of tins at Goodwill Saturday and am filling them with sedums and semperviviums. As luck would have it Grandma and Grandpa up the street are having some yard work done and called me to come get some funky little hens and chicks that would otherwise be destroyed. Glad to help out!

The box Jack built me last year has onions and spinach growing in it and we have three tomato plants ready to be planted. I drug home a big pink pot Jack spotted in the alley for his yellow cherry tomato plant.

Now if the plants will be continue to be watered while I am in Illinois I will be happy. Jack did real good taking care of everything last year when I left all three times so I ain't really all that worried about it!

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Leslie said...

Jealous (1)

You have more gardening room than I. I has no yard...