Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Things I Learned at 8th Grade Graduation

  • People come in all shapes and sizes
  • Black people and Hispanics tend to dress way better than white people
  • They really did put air conditioning in the school
  • Red hair still rules!
  • When you have nothing else to do make a list of unusual names on the program;
  1. Unusual first names: Precious, Niccolo, Pichest, Caelynne, Richelle, Sierrastorm, Whisper, Tessa, Chase, Lavada, Tekeya, Athene, Cordy, Nowell, Sha'dae, Montago, Amethyst, Diamond (these came right after one another on the roster I kid you not), Osvaldo, Kindra, Takira, Dontae, Joyhia, Deja, Raeanna, Mercedes, Cierra, Nila, Zhakira, Dolma, Nabil (f), Kalil, Rindi, Valeria
  2. Biblical names: Hannah, Sarah, Rebecca, Anna, Peter, Leah, Michael, Jonathan, Joshua, Joseph, Jacob, John, Mary, James, Noah, Matthew, Jessie, Daniel, David, Benjamin, Abigail, Mark, Samuel, Aaron, Elijah
  3. Traditional names: Katie, Kelly, Tristan, Christian, Madeline, Chelsea, Mitchel, Derrick, Kyle, Connor, Kevin, Tony, Courtney, Bonnie, Ryan, Heather, Bobby, Sean, Audrey, Maria.....hey there's no JACK on the list ANYWHERE hmmmmmmmmmmm
Well those Thunderbirds just went by. I waited and waited and yep...I got to see them (and hear them they are so loud they almost rattle windows) so I'm off to do whatever....I need to fix some more tins with sedums then figure something out for supper. Talk to you later.

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Leslie said...

Can you just imagine going thru life named after a ring in a fantasy book, LOL

I tend to agree with your observation regarding how people dress for occasions.

What did you have to the supper?