Friday, May 15, 2009

Things That Make You go HUH?

In filling up my memory cards with songs I have no room for pictures. I went through my May folder and found this strange sign from the dog walk at Bear Creek Park.

I took the bus downtown yesterday, my first trip on public transportation since Jack got laid off way back.... They changed the route. I actually prefer it this way. If I need to go to Walgreens or Kmart I can just catch the 6 instead of transferring to the 20 or the 9.

No school today. Dakota had a friend spend he night and Dalton showed up at 8 AM. They are busy taking out the dead hedges in front. I had to RAISE MY VOICE to make them understand that I WAS BOSS OF THIS PROJECT!!! So far so good. Although we promised no monetary gain from this job (Dakota wanted a "work out" and Jack suggested this) I may throw them $20 to go to McDonalds later.

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Leslie said...

No explanation with the Pest Sign, eh? Which dead hedges are those, then...