Sunday, June 14, 2009

Say Hi to MEG ya'll lol!

To see the video with everyone's name on it go to:

Say Hi to Meg youtube video

Here's Meg's response to the video (she's Japanese)


youtube didn't work though I tried those comment on there.
I don't know why..can you teach me how to figure it out?

Hiiiiii!! random strangers and Meagan I will remember you!and Destiny Desiree with big smile and Sue!!! LOL I love your hair-do! wow!! Rachel you appearing in unexpected places with big boobsLOL!! I can hear youooo Rachel!! I love you,3!! lol and beane jamila! I didn't know you were such a shy lady! LOL I thought you were strong! lolll and Hiiii! Ashley!and Chris! ummmm you have a nice body! :D and LOL!!@Wet with berries soup and fishes!! and Wet's neighbor!omg I am so famous there now lolll Sharie do you want your own chopsticks?okiedokiekentuckey lol I will send to Rebecca so get from her plz lol ahhh Deanna,your baby Sadie Jane is an angel!! Hiiii!Drexal meow! I share my food to you lol Christian I love your t-shirt! Greg you rawks! marry me! lol Gabe! Barb nice hat and glasses-do and Zabrina I love your big ol teeth! LOL you rock girl!Brian what's that in your hand?Hi Johnny,Fred,Pastsy!(Im waving!)Shane and Judy and Emmy thank you for your smiles^^and Dave are you from the cow-boy movie film?yay!Suzanne with cute smile,Rebecca and Galye ,Haliegh looks so Rebecca!,Jaelynn is a candy! Alaina is a sugar! lol Barbie is hot! Jason made me remind of that jason in the old pond lol Jocelyn is pretty! her friend is so social, Butch,Carol,Sheila I am watching your smile now!Justin....lolol thank you for your try! Josieee loll I am sorry for botheing you LOL I love your Cookie Monster face!lol Rhonda and Kelsy your baby is so cute! Bigdaddy Brian you rock in the sunshine and Boog rocks in the wind! Tianna *Wave* and Sadie Jane!you are the hollywood star on this video at the ending!(my double thumb up! ;))


I leave for home Tuesday morning. I'll be ready to hobnob again a few days after I recuperate lol!

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