Monday, June 1, 2009

A Short Update

I am almost at my final destination, Rankin Illinois. At present I am at my friend Sharie's office in Champaign/Urbana (OK home of the U of I and I have to say it GO ILLINI!!!!!) She's the one I did the Net Zero Conference with this past February. We just got back from eating some killer Chinese food and guess what? I got sauce on my shirt :|

I got into Chicago 5:30 PM Friday two hours behind schedule. The upside is I once again met some wonderful people on the train. If I could get my memory card to read in this computer I would post some kickin pics but alas it's not going to work. I promise some when I return to Colorado. I have watched the videos over and over LOL! I am making a montage for Japanese Meg...I keep asking random people to say Hi to her hahahahahaha! She'll be all like "Rebecca, who are these people?"

Anywaysssssssssssssss...I had a great time at Sue's. Beane and Ashley came down and we jammed our little pea pickin hearts out Saturday and then we went fishin n stuff Sunday. OMG if only I could show you the videos and pictures of all that! I knew Beane and I would sound good together and Sue sings like a bird so put us all together with Ash running video and it's MTV UNPLUGGED time!

As soon as Sharie sends out another report we are heading out. I am going to help her find a dress to wear to a wedding next weekend then she'll drop me off at Deanna's.

NOTE: Deanna says the baby's head is down but still no pains. I imagine I'll drop my stuff off and have to turn around and come back to Champaign (where she is having the baby) . Good thing I have plenty of knitting with me! Hmmmmmmmm maybe I should text her and find out if she's having any contractions before I even head that way in the first place. Might be prundent, eh?

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Cindy H said...

I've missed hearing from ya! Keep us posted on baby.

Cindy H