Sunday, April 18, 2010

Hahahaha Take my Picture QUICK! 197/365

Oh I HAVE to throw this in...Dakota got a letter back from Mommy Kim. She said "Shame on your dad for letting you spend so much time with Dalton and Jennifer" and "Larey said he heard someone saw your dad and Becky down at the soup kitchen with all their pots and pans and sleeping bags on their backs" Uh...OK LOL! This is from the woman in prison for manufacturing meth, shop lifting, driving on suspended license, no insurance, and possession (6 times). She never called Dakota when she was on work release, never came by and didn't write him until he wrote her but we are the wackos. UGH!

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Leslie said...

Short dock needed, eh? Sorry Dakota and therefore you have to put up with that crap.