Sunday, April 25, 2010

Surviving PTA Conference 204/365

I was gone this weekend. Did you miss me? Probably not since I used the auto-post thingy. Anyways........ You may or may not know that in January I volunteered to be Secretary of Wasson HS PTA. This past weekend the Treasurer and I went to Colorado PTA State Convention up in Denver. Anybody watch the weather Friday? OMG! Can you say SPRING BLIZZARD!?!
We actually hit a chunk of ice and spun off the road a little past Monument hill before Castle Rock. Hold on Newt she's headed for the barn!!!! But since the air bags didn't deploy and we didn't actually hit the concrete barrier or metal guard rail and we had front wheel drive we just took a deep breathe and drove out of the ditch and on to Denver. (I didn't even pee my pants...two points for me!)
Second picture is the view from my room. Too cool!
My room....wish Sharie coulda been there with me :(
More later.....

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Leslie said...

Well, thank the gods you got there safely. OI!