Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Of Slave Boats and Jury Duty 227/365

I was summoned for jury duty today along with about 300 other people from El Paso and Teller County. On my way in I noticed a new sculpture out front of the court house. "Hey it looks like a boat". "Hey it looks like people making a boat" "OMG! It's a frigging SLAVE BOAT!" ...Check the signage...yep...slave boat...stomach churns, head spins...

I went on in to do my civic duty. Passed security no problems. Wait in line, turn in card, get form, sit down, fill out form, take pen back,turn to sit down, see someone waving madly at me...HEY!!!!!! Susy from knitting !!! YAY!!!!! She was, of course, peeved to be there but I had fun anyway. LOL! She got called in the fourth round and I didn't. Good thing I thought to get a pic before we were separated. 

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