Friday, May 7, 2010

PTA Self Promotion Plan Worked! too bad no pic :( 216/365

I helped with the Staff Appreciation brunch at the high school today. In my haste to get things done I forgot to get a picture of myself. For shame, for shame! I donated the Autumn Crazy quilt sample for a door prize. The other officers of PTA decided it would be the GRAND prize and it got a lot of ooohs and ahs when it was shown. One of Dakota's teachers, Mrs. B won! Then another teacher talked to me about making her a quilt from some batiks from Bali she got on Ebay. Heck yeah! I sorta joined PTA in hopes of showing my work. So my evil plan has finally started coming to fruition. (Dear teacher who wants the Bali quilt...CALL ME!!! I'll make you a good deal and an awesome piece of art to go with the painting you bought. I have my earth tone fabrics waiting)

Here's the certificate I got for stepping up to be secretary...

Here's the quilt I sacrificed in the name of self promoting. It was fun having new people see my art.

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Leslie said...

Hey, that was MY quilt. Good one ya tho and congrats!