Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Replacement 220/365

Dear Camera,

I am sure you have heard me say many times how much I hate you. You didn't have sound. You didn't flash automatically. You didn't show me the picture I just took. You used 3 AAA batteries thus causing me to have to buy 8 so that I could have a set charged at all times. I had to download your manual because you didn't come with one.You were impossible. I hate you still.

I regret (NOT!) to tell you that you have been replaced. My new camera has sound, the settings are easy to understand and it came with it's own battery and charger at no extra cost (not to mention a case and a 2 gig memory card). It's smaller and lighter too and it's PINK!(see my new camera HERE)

I hope you have fun out at the job site with Jack and at Wasson High School next year with Dakota. They are not as discriminating as I am and I am sure you'll do fine taking blah blah pictures of dirt and whatever class assignments you receive. (See the old camera HERE)


Rebecca aka Dances with Pit Bulls

The only good thing is I did not pay retail for either camera. I got the yukky one when Kohl's opened by getting a price match on it at WalMart (ooooo I had such high hopes for this camera!) and my new one was a steal in my Daily Deals from Mypoints....woot!

Here's the new camera taken with the old camera...see what I mean?