Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Defending My Choices 61/365

Something happened to me Monday that has been bothering me. Maybe the simple act of posting it to the world will help me get over it (or make it worse...hmmmm, no worries, this too shall pass)

A friend called me about 3 PM and asked me to go down to Knitter's Kove with her. Same friend who had me go there with her last Friday to get yarn for two projects she wants me to do because in her own words "I'm not knitting now". Same friend who in December begged me to teach her to knit socks and hats but then backed out. Same friend who I know I told about this challenge on more than one occasion.

When I got into her car I showed her the hat I finished and gushed about not having any yarn left from it. Then I told her the yarn for the shrug was yummy and when I started buying yarn again I was definitely going to get some.

Her: "What do you mean when you start buying yarn again? Why aren't you buying yarn?"

Me: "I'm doing that challenge where I am using up my stash of yarn, fabric and beads." (In my mind I'm saying OMG I JUST EXPLAINED THIS FRIDAY )

Her: Silence

A minute later she asked me about fingerless gloves. I told her I had a nice easy pattern that you could work flat I would give her. Me being the non-confrontational kind of person who I am, did not bring up the statement "I'm not knitting now" nor the fact that I had told her about my challenge.

We arrived at the store. She wanted cotton for dishcloths and I pointed her to the crib full of it by the front door. I took the hat I just finished from a skein of yarn said friend bought here Friday (see the post a few ago for that) to show whoever was working. New girl, didn't know her, so I explained about the friend buying the yarn and my own personal challenge of NOT buying yarn for a year or until my stash was gone.

Friend comes up with arms full of cotton yarn and tells me she needs needles. You know why she needs needles? Because last year when she quit knitting she gave me all her needles. I would give them back if she asked. I would offer to giver her a whole damn set of every size ever made in a custom knitting needle roll if I thought she would stick with knitting. All this goes through my head in a matter of seconds. I have a feeling my gift would be futile so I show her where the needles are.

Now she asks salesgirl for a fingerless glove pattern. Uhmmmm didn't I just five minutes ago say I had an easy pattern I would give her?

Salesgirl shows her a pattern you get for free with yarn purchase. It's worked in the round with size 7 double points. She copped out on the sock and hat lessons and has no double point needles except size 10 1/2 that I bought her to do the hat. I say nothing.

Now the really disturbing part.

She asked "Aren't you going to buy yarn?"

Picture me.... with.... Deer in the headlight look.

Me: "No I'm not buying yarn for year, remember?"

Her: "What? Why? Why would you do that?" (Sincere look of concern on her face)

Me: "Because I have enough yarn to last for three years and I made a public challenge to not buy more until it's gone or Jan 1, 2012 whichever comes first" I look to the clerk and add "I'm blogging about it everyday" She nods in total disbelief also.

Friend: "Can I buy you some yarn?"

Me: "No"

Her: "Why?"

Me: "Because I'm not adding to my stash I am trying to use it up"

She's now looking at me like I just told her I have terminal cancer, I kid you not. I'm thinking "Do you EVER listen to anything I say? I have been talking about this for months, and I JUST TOLD YOU IN YOUR CAR ON THE WAY HERE ABOUT IT, AGAIN, FOR ABOUT THE FIFTH TIME" But because I am non confrontational, as I said before, I say nothing.

I'm still shook up. It was the look on her face. I should have taken a picture. She was truly concerned about it like I was dying. It's a freaking personal challenge!!! I am not crazy!!!!! I will prevail!!! I have yarn!!! I will not die from NOT buying more!!!!

It's like talking to these teenagers in my house. All they hear is blah,blah,blah.

This is most of my sock yarn. I am counting at least eight pairs of socks in there. I am guessing I couldn't knit that many socks in 10 months if someone held a gun to my head.

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