Monday, March 21, 2011

Part 1 of Steampunk Skirt Part II (confused yet?) 80/365

Anomaly Con is this coming weekend. Must have new skirt done!!!

How do you make a new skirt? You think about it, gather supplies and jump in.

Colors, browns, golds, blacks, some burgundy, a wee bit of red.

Piece a whole bunch of CQ blocks and hope for the best.

These were machine embroidered over the seams with 1 strand sulky sliver metallic in dark gold and one strand sulky rayon in reddish brown. I even remembered to put in a new needle like I learned at quilt guild last week.

Dig out the fabric Darla gave you and add it to the black Kick Pleat.

Lay out some squares to estimate how many you need and how to sew them to make the fabric .

To be continued.......

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