Friday, August 5, 2011

My Block in a Charity Quilt on Ebay 186/365

Remember back when I sent a block to Abby at Skull a Day for a charity thingy? Here's here blurb on today's blog over there.

The Skull Quilt Project: Relisting Unsold Quilts

Thanks to everyone that has participated in this project. Whether it be by making quilt squares, buying the finished quilts or spread the word about the auctions and project, all help is greatly appreciated by the Skull-A-Day crew and Becky's Fund.

I've relisted the quilts that haven't sold yet. The auctions will run for 5 days. You MUST have an Ebay account and a Paypal account to bid and pay for the quilts. You can follow the steps for set up, if you don't already have those accounts. For information on each quilt, please see the auction listing and info below. Proceeds from the sales of all of the skull quilts will go to Becky's Fund, which is a DC based organization that helps victims of domestic violence and teaches domestic violence prevention. 

Here's the link to the quilt my block went into that is up for bid on Ebay.

Quilt for Charity bid HERE

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