Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Robin Hood Coincidence 201/365

Oh those lovely coincidences. I get such a thrill when it happens.

Today I present for you "The Robin Hood Coincidence". It happened at the old Penrose Hospital which is now an Urgent Care facility. Dakota had a boil that needed lanced (gross!) and his regular doctors couldn't fit him in so after a two hour search we landed at this place.

I  was looking at a magazine in between rows of knitting and found this:

Ahhhhhhh Russel Crowe as Robin Hood, my very fav movie at the moment. I even bought it, something I rarely do.

So what's the coincidence you may ask?

I was knitting with yarn from NOTTINGHAM ENGLAND!!!! I kid you not. My friend, Jaine, who lives there now, sent it to me a few months back.

Here's the shawl at the Tea house for the Steampunk meeting a couple of weeks ago.

Jaine insists that Robin Hood is a myth. We all know better don't we? (Wow, I think I've said that before)

This is the yarn (and candy) as it came to me. I am making Elizabeth Zimmerman's Pi Shawl.  (Note, my shawl is not round and it's not lace. I got my pattern from an old Vogue knitting mag.)

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