Thursday, August 11, 2011

Bead FAIL 191/365

Today I went looking for knit interfacing for my crazy quilt blocks as per the recommendations of several professional art quilters in my Yahoo groups. They didn't have it at Hobby Lobby so we made the trip east to JoAnn's. Ugh. I caved on the beads. They were just the shade of funky blue for my magnum opus* teal/peacock/gold quilt. It's like the Bible. God had the inspired writers tell of the bad as well as the good things that happened. This is my bad thing lol. At least I'm not melting them down into a golden calf.

I also needed  those plastic flowers for my quilt, I swear I did.

Magnum opus (plural: magna opera, also opus magnum / opera magna), from the Latin meaning "great work",[1] refers to the largest, and perhaps the best, greatest, most popular, or most renowned achievement of a writerartist, or composer.

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