Thursday, June 16, 2016

Doing the ICAD 2016 Challenge

Last year I kept  hearing the word ICAD on my fav Youtube channels. This year I found out that ICAD stands for Index Card A Day. The challenge is put on by Daisy Yellow over at her website You can jump in and start at anytime and you can follow her prompts or do your own thing as long as you MAKE SOME ART! Get some 3 x5 or 4 x 6 index cards and paint, draw, collage, sew... whatever you want. She has a Facebook Group too. The eye candy is mind boggling.

I jumped in feet first ad immediately found I wanted to do more and more and more. They have taken a very personal twist dredging up painful memories but I am soldiering on. Here are the first several:

 Cover Page

Mix Tape/text,writing 


 Prompt was Snoopy which made me think of his friend, Woodstock, which made me think of the music fest, which made me think of hippies, which made me think of peace love and happiness.
 Bird inspired by Cat Hand.

Typewriter...I used song lyrics I typed on a typewriter over 20 years ago.

 Cloud/Text, writing Poem from an old book on Nature Study Sharie gave me

Top Ten List. True story. All gifts from this list accepted gratefully.