Thursday, June 25, 2009

Some Famous Citizens of Colorado Springs

I found this list yesterday on

Very interesting indeed!

Colorado Springs has been home to a variety of notable citizens and a place of great interest for explorers and photographers. Here is a list of some of our most famous residents and visitors.

Famous People Who Lived In Colorado Springs
Lon Chaney (Actor)
Helen Hunt Jackson (Author)
Cassandra “Elvira” Peterson (Actress)
OneRepublic (Band)
Rich “Goose” Gossage (Baseball Hall of Fame and current resident)
General William Jackson Palmer (Founder)
Nikola Tesla (Scientist)
Alice Bemis Taylor (Art Benefactor)
Julie and Spencer Penrose (City Benefactor)
Marshall Sprague (Author)
Frank Waters (Author)
Charles Craig (Artist)
Harvey Young (Artist)
Winfield Scott Stratton (City Benefactor)
Julia Archibald Holmes (First Woman to Climb Pikes Peak)

William Henry Jackson
W.E. Hook
Harry L. Stanley
Horace Poley
Laura Gilpin
L.C. McClure
W.G. Chamberlain
J. Thurlow

Explorers Who Left Their Mark
Zebulon Pike
John C. Fremont
Stephen Long
Ferdinand V. Hayden
George Ruxton

American Indian Tribes
Jicarilla Apache

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Street breakfast, Downtown Colorado Springs

I don't have a lot of traditions in my life, but one thing I do try to do every year is attend the Street Breakfast downtown at Tejon and Pikes Peak. The soldiers from Ft Carson cook a field breakfast of powdered eggs and pancakes and you get milk, coffee or juice to drink. Chute Nine plays their unique brand of country mixed with rock and roll and if you've never sat on a bale of straw...this is your chance! I focused on the Range Riders this year. It's thrilling to see them head out on their annual ride up Pikes Peak. The parade lasetd about 5 1/2 minutes. I video taped it but haven't decided on whether or not to post it on youtube yet. Oh my, the sight of Cavalrymen really does something to me!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sweet Home Chicago

Chicago rocks! I lived so near it for most of life yet I am just now appreciating that fact.

Most people from the area I grew up in think of Chicago as the "Big Scary City", something to be avoided unless it's a class field trip or a Cubs game.

Truth is that Chicago is a nice place to visit. If you stay away from the seamy places you are quite safe as you explore the downtown/Loop area. The people are friendly and there's just so much to see and do, even for free.

Next time I get a chance, I want to spend at least 2 or 3 days there. Who's up for a trip?!?

From Top to Bottom:DO NOT FEED THE PIGEONS! Taken under the El tracks, Kids laying under "The Bean" for photo ops, One of "The Spitting Guys" an interactive sculpture pair complete with splash pool, Purple Garden with buildings, Millennial Park, Farmers Market in front of the Calder Statue, Art Institute, Chicago skyline from the train, Soldier Field, Another shot of "The Bean"

Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Long Train Home

Well I made it. I am back home in beautiful Colorado Springs, Colorado!

I got to spend just a couple of hours walking around the Loop in Chicago because the train up there was late. I had intentions of going to the Art Institute as it used to be free on Tuesdays, but they changed it to free on Thursday evenings after 5 PM so I took the advice of a photographer I met on the way there and went to Millennial Park. OMG how beautiful! I wish I could show you but I ran in to a slight problem with the micro memory card Deanna gave me. My computer won't read it. It worked fine in her computer so I need to look for drivers for it later. I did take it to Walgreens to have the images put on a CD but they couldn't help me with the videos. *sigh*

Anyway Chicago rawked as usual but the train ride did not. It was packed so they assigned us seats and the young man that had to sit with me would rather have poked burning hot needles in his eyes I am sure. He was the rudest person I have ever met on the train! I was going to make a video of me saying how much he didn't want to sit with me and point the camera at him to make him even more uncomfortable but he sat in the lounge until they found him another seat. I didn't get another seat mate until 9PM and she smelled heavenly so it turned out a little better. Still, I couldn't lay down to sleep so I didn't get much rest. Jack can sleep sitting up or reclining in his chair but that's a skill I never acquired. Unless it's off-season, from now on I will fly and skip the cramped quarters.

I did meet another knitter! Her name was Christina M (sounds vaguely familiar hmmmmmm lol!) and as soon as she adds me on Ravelry I'll give you her name on there.

The train was ONLY 1 1/2 hours late into Denver. Grrrrrrrrr why don't they just say on their schedules..."We'll be late, you can count on that!" I did manage to catch the last morning FREX bus.

My friend Pam was busy so I caught a taxi home from the Tejon Park and Ride. (For some reason I didn't feel guilty about spending the last of my cash on it. When I looked through the mail I saw that Jack had received Mommy Kim's income tax refund lol...I must have sensed it)

My house was immaculate, the laundry was done, the mail was sorted and waiting for me on the table and all my plants looked good! Wow am I lucky or what!?! Now today I am playing catch up on a few things and making plans to get my etsy shop back up and running. I have some website work to do for Michael, a mother's quilt to do for Sissy, and when my UPS boxes get here from Illinois, I have fabric to sort. Busy busy me.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Big Feet on Girls = Intelligence

Hey I posted this pic on and realized I should show you the real-life foot! lol...can you say very very smart? OK it's the other foot but you get the idea, right?

Deanna is doing soooooooo good with the baby. I feel okay leaving tomorrow. I'll be back to check on them in August.

I went over to a friends' to jam yesterday. Check out my new videos on The link is over there to the left somewhere.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Say Hi to MEG ya'll lol!

To see the video with everyone's name on it go to:

Say Hi to Meg youtube video

Here's Meg's response to the video (she's Japanese)


youtube didn't work though I tried those comment on there.
I don't know why..can you teach me how to figure it out?

Hiiiiii!! random strangers and Meagan I will remember you!and Destiny Desiree with big smile and Sue!!! LOL I love your hair-do! wow!! Rachel you appearing in unexpected places with big boobsLOL!! I can hear youooo Rachel!! I love you,3!! lol and beane jamila! I didn't know you were such a shy lady! LOL I thought you were strong! lolll and Hiiii! Ashley!and Chris! ummmm you have a nice body! :D and LOL!!@Wet with berries soup and fishes!! and Wet's neighbor!omg I am so famous there now lolll Sharie do you want your own chopsticks?okiedokiekentuckey lol I will send to Rebecca so get from her plz lol ahhh Deanna,your baby Sadie Jane is an angel!! Hiiii!Drexal meow! I share my food to you lol Christian I love your t-shirt! Greg you rawks! marry me! lol Gabe! Barb nice hat and glasses-do and Zabrina I love your big ol teeth! LOL you rock girl!Brian what's that in your hand?Hi Johnny,Fred,Pastsy!(Im waving!)Shane and Judy and Emmy thank you for your smiles^^and Dave are you from the cow-boy movie film?yay!Suzanne with cute smile,Rebecca and Galye ,Haliegh looks so Rebecca!,Jaelynn is a candy! Alaina is a sugar! lol Barbie is hot! Jason made me remind of that jason in the old pond lol Jocelyn is pretty! her friend is so social, Butch,Carol,Sheila I am watching your smile now!Justin....lolol thank you for your try! Josieee loll I am sorry for botheing you LOL I love your Cookie Monster face!lol Rhonda and Kelsy your baby is so cute! Bigdaddy Brian you rock in the sunshine and Boog rocks in the wind! Tianna *Wave* and Sadie Jane!you are the hollywood star on this video at the ending!(my double thumb up! ;))


I leave for home Tuesday morning. I'll be ready to hobnob again a few days after I recuperate lol!

Friday, June 12, 2009


I went out to Greg and Sharie's one evening this past week. We gathered around a camp fire (which I sorely miss doing in Colorado drat those fire bans)

ok I have no clue why those words are underlined



I lived with Greg and Sharie back in 2003 when I left the farm for greener pastures. So visiting was like coming home. Greg is quite the card...he makes me pee my Hello Kitty panties with his endless joking!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Everyone Loves the Fighting Illini (well maybe not people in Indiana)

And people in Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, and Iowa but who's counting?

It' s great seeing every other person sporting their Illinois shirts. I wish I was brave enough to ask to take their pictures but there are too many of them. I don't have that much room left on my memory card lol.

The baby is getting jaundiced so not sure when she'll be home. :(

Monday, June 8, 2009

Yay it's a BABY Finally!

Sadie Jane finally blessed us with her presence at 7:40PM CST tonight. They had to do a c-section coz the little porker weighed 9 lbs 5 oz and was 22" long and mommy wouldn't dilate enough to let her out. My oldest son and his wife, Brian's mom and dad, my ex and his new love and big sister Zabrina were all at the hospital waiting and waiting. Grandma Becky is exhausted!

I'll be posting some funny video of Deanna denying she is in labor soon LOL!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

And Then There's Alaina lol!


This is Gabe's youngest...does she look like me too? Hahahahaha!

Still no baby. I changed my train ticket to next week. Jack says it has been raining so my plants all look good so I guess I'll be home when I get there, eh?

Friday, June 5, 2009

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Stop Men at Work


Still no baby. We went to the DR today and she's not even dilated at all. I may be gone an extra week at this rate:(

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I Caught a Fish! (or ten or twelve)

Ever had one of those days where you threw your line in a pond and proceeded to pull out fish after fish? Yeah me neither until this past Sunday lol! Sue took us fishing near her house and it was all sorts of fun. Beane had never fished before so that was a riot all to itself. She grew up in the city, Minneapolis to be exact. Ashley is from Kansas so she had been but was still cute to watch. We threw everything back at the end for the next group of anglers.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Deanna says hi to Meg

I made it to town...yeah I was late and I got scolded twice lol. Here's Deanna saying hi to my friend Meg in Japan

A Short Update

I am almost at my final destination, Rankin Illinois. At present I am at my friend Sharie's office in Champaign/Urbana (OK home of the U of I and I have to say it GO ILLINI!!!!!) She's the one I did the Net Zero Conference with this past February. We just got back from eating some killer Chinese food and guess what? I got sauce on my shirt :|

I got into Chicago 5:30 PM Friday two hours behind schedule. The upside is I once again met some wonderful people on the train. If I could get my memory card to read in this computer I would post some kickin pics but alas it's not going to work. I promise some when I return to Colorado. I have watched the videos over and over LOL! I am making a montage for Japanese Meg...I keep asking random people to say Hi to her hahahahahaha! She'll be all like "Rebecca, who are these people?"

Anywaysssssssssssssss...I had a great time at Sue's. Beane and Ashley came down and we jammed our little pea pickin hearts out Saturday and then we went fishin n stuff Sunday. OMG if only I could show you the videos and pictures of all that! I knew Beane and I would sound good together and Sue sings like a bird so put us all together with Ash running video and it's MTV UNPLUGGED time!

As soon as Sharie sends out another report we are heading out. I am going to help her find a dress to wear to a wedding next weekend then she'll drop me off at Deanna's.

NOTE: Deanna says the baby's head is down but still no pains. I imagine I'll drop my stuff off and have to turn around and come back to Champaign (where she is having the baby) . Good thing I have plenty of knitting with me! Hmmmmmmmm maybe I should text her and find out if she's having any contractions before I even head that way in the first place. Might be prundent, eh?