Monday, October 10, 2016

Changing of the Tide

Life is a constant ebb and flow of mundane matters. Sometimes the tide comes in bringing either good times or bad times. Sometimes the tide goes out taking your peace of mind and sanity with it.. The only thing you can count on thing is change.

I'm all for change. It keeps things fresh. But the changes that have been forced upon me these past few months are not friendly, not warm and fuzzy, not desirable. I have felt betrayed by the justice system as well as family members. I have no sympathy for other's troubles because I'm too wrapped up in my own troubles. Every time I get my feet back under me I wait for the rip tide to knock me back down. One of these days when I get back up I'll probably be swinging a tire iron. I pity anyone within striking distance when it happens.

I don't want your sympathy. I want my peace of mind back.