Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Ugh...I'd rather POKE needles in my EYES!

My computer decided to take a dump on me. Please excuse my absence until I can get back.

Quick update...Jack's nephew Kyle is staying with us. Dakota is at Mommy Kim's until the end of the month. I am going to Illinois again with Cheryl Aug 6-11.

Carry on.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Picking My Knitting Back Up

How can it be Thursday again already? I mean seriously, my last post was a week ago?!?

I have been dealing with this mess on my desk, that much I know. See that cell phone? I had to wait for Fed Ex to deliver it then I had to spend an hour on the website trying to activate it. When that didn't work I spent a half hour on the phone with customer service only to learn they need to send me a new SIM card and then I have to call back and recite a zillion billion numbers to get my case opened back up. Oy Vey! Maybe I should keep my piece o crap phone with the Elvis charm dangling off it. There's no room for Elvis on the new phone :(

My time has also been filled with knitting. I knew the bug would hit me again sooner or later. I finished the two pink/brown tams and I have been working on a doofy hat for Tony/Beef,
a blue cotton sweater for me, and a brown vest for Pam. I made a baby hat too but I'm too lazy to go take a pic. It needs a flower embellishment first anyway.

I also got the blocks for Shane and Jessica's wedding pillow sewed. I was going to do a wall quilt but I thought "Hey a pillow would be cool too. Maybe even cooler" I called my sister and told her and she said "Cool!" so that settled it. I hope to start embroidering those today.