Sunday, July 31, 2016

Nothing But Shoddy Excuses

That's all I have. Piles and piles of shoddy excuses for not blogging. My main semi-legit excuse is that my card reader isn't working and the pictures I post from my phone go to Twitter, Instagram, Tumbler and Facebook but not Blogger and it's not much fun for me without visuals.

Also having motivation problems, I've been very upset these past few months due to my children having issues. Everyone I know is having issues of their own. It's hard to blog with so many issues flying around everywhere. I hate to be gloomy Gus so let's just not talk about any of it, ok?

I did complete the ICAD challenge. Yay n stuff. It was fun and I'll prolly join again next year. The junk journals are still progressing. I found one I started a couple of years ago. It's huge and boy have I come a long way in art journaling. I am adding to it with collage so it's looking better. Gee wish I could show you some pictures. *sigh*

I'm working on a large quilt from baby clothes for a client in Milford. I need to buckle down and get that done so I can do two more for her. NOT TAKING ORDERS AT THIS TIME. Maybe after September.

Chris did you get my text? If you did not get it please email me.