100 Thing Challenge 2009-2010

Around October 2009 I challenged myself to use things out of my stash to make 100 items. I didn't make it before the urge to spend money on new yarn, fabric and beads over took me. Here's what I did manage to make:

100 things from stuff I already have


1.  Multi bead bracelet for Pam's daughter (headpins, beads, stretch cord)

2.  Chain bracelet out of Kyles ugly necklace

3.  Gold chain charm bracelet (chain,beads,charms,headpins,clasp)

4.  Ball chain necklace with blue bead charms (chain from aunt Karen, headpins, beads)

5.  Silver chain with pink bead dangles (Chain, clasp, headpins,beads)

6.  Long long pink beaded necklace

7.  Teal/brown scarf hat set (mohair from Beverly, brown acrylic)

8.  Dish cloth set for Kelli and Dennis (cotton yarn, soap)

9.  Another gold beaded charm bracelet (gold chain, beads, headpins, toggle clasp)

10. Dishrags for us (cotton yarn)

11. Felted potholder (wool yarn, fabric from Leslie)

12. Denim potholders for Jack (quilted denim from Laura, stripe print from Illinois)

13. Starfish dishrag (cotton yarn)

14. Small brown and teal hat and scarf set (brown acrylic, teal wool from knitters kove)

15. Finished large doily from vintage cotton

16. Black button bracelet (beads, buttons, wire, crimp beads)

17. Steelers skully hat for Matthew (black wool blend, gold Lopi)

18. Toy/dice shadow box for bathroom

19. Blue and white hat for Sherrie's son (brown sheep wool, white acrylic)

20. Brown/Black/blue/white beret for Sherrie (black ,brown acrylic,blue wool,white acrylic)

21. Blue dangle earrings (beads,headpins, ear wires)

22. Black dangle stretch bracelet for Jennifer tear's wife (head pins, beads, magic cord)

23. Dark blue drop earrings (headpins, beads, ear wires)

24. Ocean blue and white skully for Nattas (acrylic,wool)

25. Pink black gray checked hat for Debbie (acrylic,wool)

26. Two red green beaded garlands (fishing line, beads from flea market)

27. Two blue clear beaded garlands (fishing line, beads from flea market)

28. Blue and orange scarf for Shane (soft blue orange acrylic, thick orange acrylic)

29. Heavy chain bracelet

30. Smaller chain bracelet

31. Necklace (heart found in service, Celtic beads from Kyles necklace, clasp with Swarovski crystal)

32. Blue basket from newspaper bags

33. Purple crazy quilt pillow for Dennis and Kelli

34. Gold and black skully hat (gold acrylic, black wool)

35. Scrap facecloth from leftover cotton yarns

36. Gray hat with rust and black checks thick and quick yarn)

37. Multi/green basket crocheted from newspaper bags

38. Grey,black,white hat (mohair blend, thick n quick)

39. Crochet rug from newspaper bags

40. Adult ocean blue and white skully (simply soft acrylic, white wool)

41. 12 sided ball (sock yarn)

42. Purple/white adult skully (simply soft acrylic, white wool)

43. Scrap yarn 12 point ball

44. Doofy hat green and yellow for Brian (greens and yellow acrylic)

45. Pink doofy for Zabrina with just a touch of new yarn

46. Illini Slippers for Benny (blue and orange acrylic)

47. Doofy hat for Sadie (whisper soft, pink acrylic)

48. Purse for Zabrina (novelty yarns, big button)

49. Red Purse for Haleigh (yarns and crocheted motifs, button)

50. Bead soup necklace for Kathy  (big and small beads on bead wire)

51. Scrap baby blanket (acrylics)

52. Scrap blanket#2  (acrylics)

53. 12 pt ball from sock yarn

54. Red purse for Haleigh

55. Blue purse for Jaelynn

56. Scrappy knee socks

57. Mini mooshie socks for Pam

I decided to lump the late 2010 challenge in with this page...if you count the 30 origami bags and the few other items I almost did do 100

58-88.  30 fabric origami bags for frog/pondfest gifties

 89.Black and multi colored doofy hat- acrylic yarn, leftover sock yarns, novelty yarn, bells
90.Brown/blue doofy hat- acrylic yarns, bells
91Scrappy slippers- 4 strands of acrylic yarns
92Knitted Bunny- carrier yarn in green, scrap acrylic yarns, fiberfill and then.........


I went on vacation back to Illinois and fell victim to the lures of the thrift stores and antique shops.

I bought:

  1. Fabrics and yarn
  2. Beads, sequins and a tatted doily to take apart for motifs
I was gifted with:
  1. Black jet beads and Victorian trims
  2. Buttons, buttons, buttons!
  3. Knitting Needles and crochet hooks
  4. Black beaded and sequined fabric
  5. Victorian and Vintage trims
Looking forward to the next challenge!