2011 Stash Knit/Sew/Bead Down Challenge

It's almost here...oh the anticipation!

The rules:

No buying yarn, fabric or beads unless it is for a custom prepaid item for which I do not have the supplies.
I may purchase sewing threads and maybe quilt battings, glue and tape as needed but only if I absolutely need them.
The accepting of stash enhancing gifts will be discouraged but accepted with graciousness if the gifter absolutely insists.
No dragging stuff home from the put and take table at quilt guild.
Challenge ends Dec 31,2011 or when ALL FABRICS, BEADS and YARN have been used. (Ha we all know this is NOT going to happen unless I make this a 10 year challenge which I am not)
I will post as many pictures of items made as I can and keep a detailed list on the 2011 Stash Challenge page.
I will not panic at the thought of using my precious precious stash for this challenge.
I will have fun.
I will have fun.
I will have fun.

Week #1
Skull hats, Needles cases, Scrap Hats, Hello Kitty Hat

Week #2: Red/Black scarf, Pot Holder, Dish Rags, Blue Daisy scarf, Blue hat and neck gaiter, Red purse

Week #3: Music Hat, Brooch Challenge, Needle Case Challenge

Week #4  Dede's Scrap hat, The kitty hat, Lexi's Thick Skull hat , Brown and gold scarf for PK, Sue's stole, Robbie's Hat

Week #5 Lady K's Jewel Tone Scarf, 12 Pt Ball for Sadie and Zabrina, Working on Blue CQ

Week #6 The long scarf, the baby Alpaca and Chenille Neck Gator, Vickie's socks, Pink black and white CQ blocks

Week # 7  Skully hats for Holt, Ugly Slippers, wash cloths for grandchildren, orange hat and scarf for Midgit

Week #8 Black and white Skully Hat for Noah, Embellishing the pink and black blocks, doofy hat for Angelia

Week #9 Thick and Quick checked hat, Hat for Pam, Yarn bombing, CQ Pillow, Steampunk outfit

Week #10 Altoid Tins

Week #11  Baby Alpaca Shawlette, Skully hat for Dale

Weeks #12 and 13 Steam punk outfits and accesesorries

Week #14 and15 paper flower ball, purple needle case

Week #16 and 17 Block of the month, Burgundy Steampunk skirt

Week #18 and 19 Gift bags for PTA

Week #20 Block of the month, Tell Tale heart shawl

Weeks #21 and 22   Bright Batiks quilt

Week #23 necklaces and sock yarn scarf

Week #24 Mini Ruffle scarf and Sort-of -the- Same socks

Weeks# 25,26,    Not much as I had severe teenager problems

Week # 27  Quick n Thick Hat and Sock yarn Purse

Week #28 Button pictures