Monday, January 11, 2010

The Good, The Bad and the Downright Painful 100/365

Wow 100 days of posting pictures of myself...that's GOOD.

Not being able to do a giveaway because of an excruciating earache...that's BAD.

Can you guess what the PAINFUL is?

I will do a giveaway at 150 if I haven't driven a double pointed knitting needle through my skull first. (It's that bad I swear kinda like a toothache but in a different spot)

Oh yeah! The really really GOOD new is Jack got called back to work!  Whew. Hopefully I can enjoy my alone time during the day now and not late at night.

1 comment:

Leslie said...

So sorry about the earache, so happy that Jack got a call back. GET BETTER SOON!