Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Sunsets and Watercolors 95/365

I bought watercolors yesterday at Michael's on my excursion to Powers Blvd with Leslie and Erin. Here are my first attempts:

Primitive but acceptable. I looked for a Watercolor book at the Ruth Holly library branch but they didn't have any. I'll go to the website and place a hold on a few dozen.

Man it got COLD! I have a snotty nose again and I think I'll be turning in soon after a cup of hot tea.

But first my 365 and a picture of Miss Leslie who is also doing a 365 challenge over at Leslie's New Works and Thoughts. We caught the most spectacular sunset coming home. Truly a sight to remember.


Leslie said...

Wowser, you've been busy. Love the way you are going with the paints.

East Library has got a ton of books on watercolour on the shelf, BTW.

It was a fun day to be had, for certain.

Can't tell if I'm laughing or crying, but a beautiful sunset whatever else!

laura said...

love the watercolors rebecca! in my storage i have a few watercolor books, now if i could only go to kentucky and ge them!