Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Sunshine Therapy 101/365

How to make yourself feel better when you are sick with a dang earache/cold/what-the-hell-ever-else I have....Go sit in the sun and knit!

Vera brought me some Tei-Fu oil for my ailments. I don't know if it worked or the massive dose of ibuprofen but I am feeling marginally better. I know the sunshine definitely helped my mood if not my immune system.

60's today and hopefully tomorrow. I want to go downtown on the bus to take care of business. So looking forward to getting back into my old routines.

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Leslie said...

Sure hope you are feeling better, sure wish you would call me if you need a ride... It would certainly have been better schlepping you about than dealing with our old "friend" at Knitter's Kove..