Saturday, January 23, 2010

Playing The Klingon Guitar 112/365

In honor of Winterfest Weekend I am posting a picture of me from 2002 playing a BC Rich or as I liked to call it "The Klingon Guitar". It belonged to my cousin Michael....I'm playing the song Kryptonite by Three Doors Down, the same song that has earned me 38,000+ hits on youtube.

I took Jack to Ruth's stitchery today to see the PPQG challenge quilts. Took? HA! I had to DRAGGGGGGGGGGGG him there. Then he surprised me by closely examining several quilts in the shop and telling me what he liked and didn't like. He checked out fabrics and all around acted like he would fit right in at quilt guild LOL! He even picked out a cross stitch picture he wants me to ask my SISTER JUDY (Hellooooooooo are you listening?) to do for him. I feel a new quilt project coming on! A nice masculine wildlife quilt designed by my ever surprising husband, Jack.

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Leslie said...

They are an enigma wrapped in a mystery aren't they. Hey, maybe they do learn by osmosis?