Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Battle Halley 138/365

I needed to get my spare keyboard out of the hard shelled suitcases I gave to Dakota to use as a TV stand. I moved the TV and happened to look to my right when I reached for the top suitcase. Uhhhh yeah those are my knitting needles. Twisted and bent to hell. Tips covered in resin from a pipe (remember he got suspended for coming to school high). I see RED.

I looked around and found another no no. Candles. In two windows. Picture Jack saying this on two separate occasions..."No candles, you have no need for them. I said no candles, do you understand?"

Now I am doubly mad. I took the suitcases, I took the quilt off the wall I put there 4 years ago. I took Jack's Cars DVD, I took Jacks Lady Antebellum CD, I took Dakota's porno DVD. 

I locked myself in my studio, called the juvenile dept. at the police station (second time I've called, still no call back...your tax dollars at work. If something bad happens to me I want all of you to call News Channel 11 KKTV and tell them I tried to get the police here about this) and waited for the little creep to come home from school.

He went absolutely insane. I mean screaming, door slamming, stomping insane. Over a TV stand , a quilt and a porno movie. Maybe it was the candles. I quietly called Jack and told him to come straight to my room when he got home and yes it would be locked so have key in hand.

Jack came home FINALLY and Dakota starts screaming I ripped him off. I showed him my knitting needles and said you started it and I only took back what was already mine except for your stupid porno movie.

Today I finally realized what Dakota did to get back at me. My phone charger by the coffee pot is gone as is my mom's makeup bag that was in the bathroom. I had hidden everything else, all knitting needles, all candles (hee hee). I'm really pissed about the make up bag. The makeup I actually use is in a different bag but hey it was my dearly departed mother's, ya know? I'm off to hide the real make up and my curling iron. I should probably grab my meds too.

It's war.

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Leslie said...

Oh my, anything I can do to help?