Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Great Fan Experiment 139/365

Yes, I have survived to blog another day. I have another story to tell but first the fun stuff.

Behold my great FAN EXPERIMENT! Ok not a fan proper, but part of a fan. 

Line with moss, fill with soil and compost stuff back end with crumpled newspaper, plug in various sedums and sempervivums and walllllaaaah!

Got a phone call from the school today. Mr Dakota sprayed silly string into a teacher's eye causing him to lose a contact and resulting in chemical damage to the eye complete with trip to the Doctor. He's definitely out of Wasson HS and probably out of D11.Yep, uh ain't just me that's mad now, is it? I think we may have to cut this problem child lose like we did with his sister 4 years ago. We will make our decision July 1.

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