Friday, May 6, 2011

Things I Could Have Bought But Didn't 122/365

Still no room up at the elephant barn for Jack to work. I did the PTA Teacher/Staff Appreciation Day and then we went yard saling. Here are some things I saw but didn't buy.

Yes, Wooden shoes!

Love the look on this gal's face LOL!

There were TONS of embroidered linens at almost every place we stopped. I just can't justify buying any until I use some of the ones I already own.

Big ass fan.

Here's something I would buy if I ever see it for sale. The Elvis-in-his-underwear picture that hangs at Gunther Toodies 

Jack saw  huge amount of yarn at one sale he hit while I was at the school but he told the woman he couldn't buy it for me because I wasn't buying yarn for a whole year. She thought that was a pretty unrealistic amount of time to abstain but I think I am going to make it just fine!

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susan said...

I'd buy that Elvis poster too, in a heartbeat!