Monday, April 27, 2009


  • I have been obsessed with birthstone quilts for about 5 years now. I used to sell birthstone kits on Ebay even. Now I just want to do these Mother's Quilts (and a special project running amok in my head...more on that later) The first picture is my fabric choices...
  • January- burgundy for Garnet
  • February-purple for Amethyst
  • March- light blue for Aquamarine
  • April- white for Diamond
  • May- dark green for Emerald
  • June- ecru for Pearl
  • July- red for Ruby
  • August- light green for Peridot
  • September- dark blue for Sapphire
  • October- pink for Tourmaline
  • November- golden yellow for Topaz
  • December- turquise blue for Turquiose

Can you tell the months represented on these samples?

The first person to get them ALL right will win a Mother's or Grandmother's quilt (the quilt on the left in the the pic with two quilts is a Grandmother's quilt...the big block is the daughter and the little blocks are the kids) with their choice of months (up to 5)


Leslie said...

I've seen them in person, can I still play?

Rebecca Halley said...

Yes you can play but Christina can't since two of these quilts go to her anyways :P

Michele/TextileTraveler said...

These are awesome!

Michele/TextileTraveler said...

Oops, hit enter too soon. Ok, I'll play; I could be way off if my monitor isn't reading correctly:

April (white)
October (pink)
September (dark blue)
March (light blue--this one I hardest time with!)

Rebecca Halley said...

Close but no cigar...and you have to do all four are welcome to try again!

Unknown said...

Oh my heavens, have I missed a giveaway? Has anyone won yet?