Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Living with an Alcoholic and Smuggling Sweetcorn

Jack's nephew, Kyle, has been here since July 5 or so. He's a raging alcoholic and the family back home had hoped we could help him. We couldn't. He doesn't want help. Tonight I had it out with him because he wanted his last $100 to go party on. Hey, I can't pay my bills and you want to go party AGAIN?!? What's wrong with this picture? I have watched him piss away $1600 in five weeks. It's not fair and I'm about to blow up. Of course Grandma is coming to rescue him Friday so I guess I should just be relieved, but truthfully I am hot, hot, HOT under the collar about the whole thing. He was in the backyard being belligerent on the phone to his pregnant girlfriend, Emmy, at the top of his lungs at midnight last night. He slept all day while Jack and I did yard work until he got up and went swimming. Then he came home and took a shower...uh don't they have showers at the damn swimming pool? No, no that's OK, keep running our bills's what you do best....ARGHHHHHHHHHHHH!

On a lighter note, you know you're from Illinois when you put sweetcorn in your checked luggage on the flight home.

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racoon lol said...

I love you!Rebecca!
what a great person you are!
I can't wait for seeing you from the bottom of my heart.
You also have been saving me from sadness.
I aways say to you *I rackon!*(correct noe? lol)