Monday, October 22, 2012

Deep Thoughts

I don't usually type much when I blog these days, preferring to use the visual stimulus of pictures. But today I'm tired of my pictures, tired of seeing the same things over and over because I have been taking orders for things I have already made before and I've rearranged my stash twenty times and oh how I long for this Holiday gift giving season to be over with already so I can move on to my "Next Big Thing".

What's that going to be, you may ask yourself.

Truth be told, I am not sure.

Here are some ideas I am kicking around though:

  1. Putting my doilies on canvases. BIG honking canvases, which of course, I cannot afford. So I need to figure out how to get said canvases at a price I can afford. Free would be good but......
  2. Framing my doilies. I can get cheap frames at thrift stores but mainly they have to be square which is tricky. Also do I want to include glass? I hate the thought of shipping glass. Sincerely. The other thing I could maybe do is buy one or two good frames and show people how the doilies would look framed and let them frame the doilies themselves. (I guess I could do that with the canvas too. Like, have one big canvas, put each doily on it for photos to show how they would look. I could even offer to put a doily on a canvas if the buyer would be willing to pay for the canvas and extra shipping and handling)
  3. Presenting some canvases/framed doilies/12 pt balls to a new art gallery in Champaign. Sharie says she knows the guy opening it. That takes me back to numbers 1 & 2 though. 
  4. Doing grab bags of my older work to make room for newer stuff. I thought maybe a "Gift Giving" bag with a gift for a child, a woman and a man; a bag of fashion scarves; a bag of crochet flower pins
  5. A "Build a Hat" listing letting shoppers pick the color/size/style of hat and then adding a motif or flower pin.
  6. Barefoot sandals. I could stockpile for summer and use up my crochet thread stash.
  7. Last but not least...burning all my craft stuff and getting a real job.
Any suggestions will be considered carefully. Now go make me some cookies I'm hungry.

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Leslie said...

Thrifts shops for canvas too, paint over and apply your doily and why do they have to be square, I think you could have more fun with design that way... Whatever venture you choose, I know you'll be awesome at. Personally, I think you need to stick to your artistry as you are amazingly talented...