Sunday, November 18, 2012

A Little Facebook Challenge

My Pond friends Beth and Chrissy and I were talking about a crocheted cowl pattern that Bethie posted to my Facebook. I decided to see if could make one in an hour like the gal had said in the link.

I clicked on the Lion Brand website to get the pattern. OK looks easy enough.  But wait...a size P hook?!? I ain't got no size P hook! I dug through my other crochet hooks, the wooden ones until I found the biggest one.

  Next I dug through the bulky yarn stash. I had some of Thick n Quick but not enough to make the cowl so I grabbed the ball of teal. 

After a quick swatch I realized it wasn't bulky enough so I added a strand of Yellow Gold.

I set the Timer and away I went!

45 minutes later it was done!

I apologize for the Green Bay colors lol.


Greymoon said...

And the thicker it is the warmer it is!

Bethie said...


chrissy said...

i LOVE the colors, those are actually our school colors :) Youre amazing talented, and
im so proud to call you friend!

Rebecca Halley said...

Hey thanks guys! All three of you are creative and talented too (Although only one of you catches babies lol)