Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The Forgotten Poems Day 1

OMG seriously o.m.g.

I got most of the rest of my stuff out of my daughter's shed yesterday and I went through a tub and found a book of my poems dated 1977-1991. I had forgotten all about them. I think I'll blog them for posterity since the only thing I can leave my kids and grandkids are youtube videos and facebook crap.

I must have been a senior in high school when I wrote this first one:

Para Tu

When the flame
goes out
what is left?
A mere puff
of smoke
or is it
something more,
something no one
will ever understand?

For a fleeting
its presence
is felt
and then
it's gone too.

The body
sinking slowly
into a state
of quiet
and the mind

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