Saturday, April 22, 2017

2017 100 Thing Challenge

I have done it again. I have accumulated enough craft supplies for two lifetimes. Time to make some seriously cool stuff from my stash.

In the past I only hoarded yarn, fabrics and beads. Now I hoard mixed media art supplies too. I want to make 100 things from my awesome collection of stuff. I am inviting you to join me in making 100 things from your stash too. You can do it, I know you can!

The rules are simple:
  1. Use only items from your stash (I am making an exception for all manner of glues and double sided tapes but don't buy any more washi know who you are)
  2. Keep a list or pictures to show me. You can post to my Facebook Page. Each post will earn you an entry into a giveaway of selected items I make during this challenge. Or leave a comment here or on the video for other chances to win. I will draw for a winner when when I complete my own challenge.
  3. Sell, keep or gift what you have made.
  4. All stashes welcome! Hoarding bottle caps? Use 'em up! Crochet thread? Doilies! Yarn? Hats, scarves, blankets, dolls! Fabric? Quilts, clothes, gift bags! Beads? Bracelets, necklaces , earrings! Paper? Junk journals, cards, bookmarks!
On the top of my blog there is a page labeled 100 thing challenge 2009-2010. Visit it to see what I made in the past.

Please tell all your craft supply hoarding friends to come join the fun.


Crafting Vicky said...

ohhhhh man.... was so sad when you mentioned 100 atcs don't count lol. And what do you mean washi doesn't count as an adhesive?!? lol wow 100 things that is hard!

Rebecca Halley said...

@Crafting Vicky Do as many as you can. Focus in washi projects LOL! Omg 100 Atc's featuring your washi!!

Nikki Wright said...

Hi,Rebecca! I followed Crafting Vicky over, and I have no choice but to accept your challenge! LOL Most of my projects will be paper projects, but, as with most crafters, I'm not happy with just one type project going at a time!

Rebecca Halley said...

Welcome to the challenge Nikki! I hope you post videos or pictures of your items.

Denise Marie said...

I'm in! I just turned down going to Jo-Ann's w/my Mom tomorrow. I too have enough for 2 lifetimes. I hoard fabric! Ribbon, paper, Journals, paint, rubber stamps... I truly need to start bringing income in thru my passion of Creating!

slidertx said...

Fabulous idea! I accept your challenge! I hoard beads and jewelry stuff, papers, trashy paper and packaging, found objects,office supplies (which I intend to use making junk journals), fabric, yarn, embroidery floss, junk mail--especially envelopes; washi, things found in nature--like leaves or cool bark or seeds, all kinds of flowers or flower-like things, ribbon and lace, and also acrylic paints, all kinds of pens, all kinds of glues and adhesives, and tools I have never used. I have dies, stencils, inks, stamps, and embellishments galore--never used (yet). I need a twelve-step group for hoarding craft supplies! I look forward to making 100 things with the supplies I already have. I'm also a member of the Bash Your Stash group on Facebook, which is doing the same thing - using up your stash instead of buying more stuff. However, occasionally I fall off the wagon because I see something really cool. I also tend to do "anger shopping" when I am mad at my husband, lol. But this year I am trying not to buy ANYTHING for emotional reasons, so wish me luck!

Rebecca Halley said...

Theresa I swear we are related! I am so happy you decided to conquer your stash (a little lol) and make some COOL STUFF FROM IT!!!

Kelly said...

I am so excited to find your channel and your blog! I will attempt to keep up, I'm fairly new to the hashtag challenges, so I hope I can stay on track! Nice to meet you!

Unknown said...

Hi there, i love this idea. I am so in....God knows how much stuff I hoard at home :(
I will do my best to keep up.
Thank you for the inspiration
Vicky S

Rebecca Halley said...

Welcome Vicky! Take your time creating slow and steady wins the race LOL!

Unknown said...

Hi Rebecca. Love your challenge idea and i will jump right in with 2 feet.i am such a hoarder of anything paper related and love doing junk journals. i will be doing one thing a weekbor if i have time more than one. thanks for the challenge.

Unknown said...

Hi Rebecca,...l to want to want to join your challenge, Catherine l to am a hoarder of paper and Textile..this will be a huge challenge for me but a positive one.
Thank you for the awesome challenge.
hugz jude

Unknown said...

Fabulous idea. Looking forward to making space in my e ergrowing craft room. Ginna go cold turkey. NO MORE SHOPPING. I'llsend a friend to buy my glue, otherwise that cardinal rule will get broken.I'm in. Debbie Y South Africa

Unknown said...

ok ok! Def in :)

Unknown said...

oh...just one question...any idea when it ends up? :P