Monday, November 9, 2009

Can Jack Cook? Why yes...Yes he can! 37/365

Leslie posed the question in a comment on my blog yesterday to the effect of "Is Jack the main cook at your house?" Not only is he the cook but I actually met him when he was working at his mom's diner back in Illinois. It's hard not to fall for someone when they cook ya tasty treats AND clean up after you .

I try to have supper on the table every night when Jack gets home from work but when he's laid off he IS the main cook. Even when he's working he does his share of helping in the kitchen especially breakfast and special stuff like pizza on the weekends. Here are a few pictures I've taken of him and his creations over the years.

My 365 pic is me and Jack up at Rampart Range Reservoir Labor Day weekend 2006


Leslie said...
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Leslie said...

Man, that is some awesome looking pie. I had no idea that Jack was a "professional" cook, tell him good on ya from me.

I seem to have become fodder for your blog, LOL. I would think that one of the 365s should be a picture of you and me, eh?