Sunday, November 29, 2009

Fun with Meat 57/365

I'm not usually in favor of spending $55 on a hunk of meat but Jack talked me into it at Costcos. He showed me individual packages of roast then pointed out the merits of the 23 lb behemoth chuck roast. OK OK OK OK OK whatever....

Brought it home, threw it in the deep freeze for an hour and commenced to cutting.

He was usual....

We got a huge roast for a Sunday dinner, meat for chop suey, beef stew meat, two packs of fajita meat, two giant packs of beef stroganoff meat, beef for shedding into BBQ, another generic roast and 5 lbs of hamburger (meatloaf,chili and spaghetti) and since I already bagged it and sent it out to the freezer I'm probably missing something.

The 365 is inspired by the knives hanging near the counter...anyone for Psycho?

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Leslie said...

Dinner at your house!