Friday, November 13, 2009

Crazy Hat Lady 41/365

I had so much fun with the snow dance animation I decided to do it again with the hats.

Very tired today. I went with Pam and Cristell to Sunflower Market, Guitar Center for a new capo (I fully expect to find my red one now) and to Village Inn for pie and coffee. Then I met with another older lady in my neighborhood whom I might become a dog walker for. We'll see. I have to research a bit before quoting a price.

Jack got some work thrown his way finally. The landlord hired him to trim bushes and clean gutters and so on and then Vickie stopped by and told him about a moving job. He's happy to have something to do. (and he might be moving big African cool is that?)

I am patiently waiting for the Illini game to start. I can't watch it or listen to it but I can keep checking the score online. I didn't know Jeff Jordan re-joined the team! YAY!

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Leslie said...

Fun! Good on Jack for finding something to do..