Sunday, November 15, 2009

Snow Day or Hanging Inside Being Creative 43/365

Yeah so I've been basically trapped inside for two day. I don't particularly care for the crappy weather we've been having. It's OK, I have lots to do!

I cut strips for and sewed them back together for the scrappy flower liberated log cabin. I still have the borders to piece and cut. I wanted it to look very Grandma-like. I think I succeeded.

I made Jack some new potholders from a quilted denim piece my friend Laura bought at Goodwill when she visited. He had been bugging me for the skillet sleeves.

I actually finished the bracelet a few days ago. I really like it. I have enough beads and findings to probably do two more.

This pink wash rags/dish cloths are for Kelli's wedding shower. I have to write down a recipe on a 3 x 5 card for her too. That's coming up the 21st.

For those of you keeping score I have made 12 items in my 100 things-from-stuff-I-have-at-the-house challenge. I'll count the quilt when it's done.

And finally we have my 365 picture taken when I first moved here and decided to shovel snow hahahahaha!

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Leslie said...

Love the snow angel and you. Love the bracelet too.. Only 88 more to go, I am so sure you'll hit it.